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CaptionSaver is a Chrome Extension that saves your live caption transcripts from Google Meet so you'll never miss a word again!

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How It Works

Once you've installed the Chrome Extension and connected your Drive account, here's how to use CaptionSaver

Join a Google Meet

Join any meeting as you normally would

Then, captions will turn on automatically

CaptionSaver will turn on captions for you once you join the meeting, so you don't have to click anything

As your meeting goes on, captions will be captured

CaptionSaver will save the caption transcript as your meeting goes on

Click the Chrome Extension to view the captured captions

Give it a few seconds to update if new captions were captured

Then finally, you can save or download the captions

After your meeting has finished, click on "Save To Drive" or "Download .TXT" to get a copy of the entire meeting's captions!

If you're on Pro, you can Auto-Save to Google Drive!

Once you buy a license for CaptionSaver Pro, you can do all this without having to download or save your captions manually!


CaptionSaver is free forever, but Pro comes with more features:

Unlimited Auto-Saves to Google Drive
✓ Highlighting
✓ Timestamps
✓ Download .TXT



✓ Get more out of your meetings with Pro features!



✓ Save $48 per year vs monthly subscription!

Lifetime Access


✓ One-Time Payment for Lifetime Access to all future features!

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